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Quality HOT OIL

SBK A/S offers a wide range of smooth conveyor belts manufactured by leading European manufactures acc. to DIN 22102:


  • Antistatic in according with EN ISO 284:2012
  • Detailed technical calculations and support
  • Large stock
  • Own punching machine ensures great precision, efficiency and uniformity when drilling holes.
  • Next-day delivery available when required
  • High strength compared to weight
  • Low elongation
  • Unaffected by microorganisms and moisture
  • Horizontal and vertical tearing is reduced

Our range includes:


Premium oil- and fat-resistant quality made in NBR rubber (nitrile rubber) used to convey hot materials containing animal, vegetable and mineral oils (e.g. rapeseed, soya cakes, fish feed, mineral fertilizer, grain, animal feed, household waste, wood chips and pellets, and maize)..

The NBR rubber belt core is oil-resistant. Quality Hot Oil is antistatic according to EN ISO 284:2012 and flame-resistant according to ISO 340 “K”. Maximum abrasion loss is 150 mm³. Temperature range from -20° to +120° C.