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We have 24 hour service

Conveyor belts are often the “heart” of the production. If a belt stops, the consequences are felt from one end of production to the other. Production downtime and delays can be very costly. It is therefore essential that belt problems are resolved professionally and without delay. SBK A/S offers service and installation provided by specially trained vulcanizers all over Denmark.

SBK A/S also offers service and installation worldwide. We work with local partners, most of them in Europe. We have more than 25 years of international experience, which means we have a comprehensive network of local vulcanizers who can offer the same services as SBK A/S locally.

In practice, this means that you as customers only have to go to one place when a belt is to be mounted on a machine sold for export, since SBK A/S, in addition to the warranty on the tape, also takes over the guarantee for the endless assembly w.m.

In an emergency, you can call us at any time, day or night, on:

+45 8734 7080


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+45 8734 7080

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