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Quality Y

SBK A/S offers a comprehensive range of smooth elevator belts to meet all requirements. Our belts are/have:


  • Antistatic in accordance with EN ISO 284:2012
  • Low elongation
  • Detailed technical calculations and support
  • Large stock
  • Hot-vulcanised joins made on state-of-the-art pressing machines up to 2600 mm belt width
  • Next-day delivery available when required
  • High strength compared to weight
  • Impervious to microorganisms and moisture
  • Low elongation

Our range includes:


Standard wear-resistant quality made in SBR rubber (styrene-butadiene rubber). Used to convey moderately to severely abrasive materials including cement, granite, gravel, limestone and coal.

Quality Y is antistatic according to EN ISO 284:2012. Maximum surface abrasion is 150 mm³.

Temperature range from -30° to +70° C.

Previous quality code was NK.